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  • This Task has been designed for use by Student, Faculty, Staff. For Student, Faculty, Staff

Student Touch Down Computer Labs (Spring 2021)

Student Touch Down Computer Labs for academic work are available to you throughout the day for your academic work. The following Labs will be available throughout the day and evening and can be accessed with the access code posted on the door. *Maximum capacities will also be posted at the room entrances and adhered to.

  • You MUST wear your mask at all times in these spaces.

  • You MUST wear headphones for any work requiring sound and please be respectful of others in the room by limiting the sound of your voice.

  • No food or drink (except for water) is allowed. If you take a drink of water, please use a straw under your mask or replace your mask immediately after taking a drink.

  • You MUST clean your work area with a sanitary wipe before and after use (available in the classrooms). Computer keyboards and mice must also be cleaned before and after use.

The continuation of student access to these labs is dependent upon respect for these rules and may be revoked if not adhered to.


  • Kapelski 322A

  • Quick 102

  • Quick 104


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